The Vapor Encapsulation Process

Vapor encapsulated nuclei are coated at the molecular level using inert metals. This optical coating completely masks the stains and provides a perfect substrate for Bio-mineralization. It is so thin it can only be measured with an electron microscope (1000 Angstroms); thus, there is no change in the thermal index or specific gravity of the shell material. By using this process we can provide a high degree of luster while completely masking the stains. Stained nuclei are not conducive to the culturing techniques used by many pearl producers - the stains show through the thin nacre and produce inferior quality pearls. Using the vapor encapsulation process will allow 2nd and 3rd grade material to be used as 1st grade, providing a high-quality reflective substrate that will withstand all of the bleaching and coloring processes currently used. Vapor encapsulation also offers several other advantages to pearl producers, making it a truly revolutionary technology for pearl culturing.


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