"A Timeless Gem Meets 21st Century Technology"

Icon Pearls,  a division of American Bio-Gem has developed a breakthrough pearl culturing procedure that allows us to grow custom-designed pearls in almost any shape imaginable. Developed over years of tests conducted at the prestigious Scripps Oceanographic Institution in San Diego, California, Hubbs Research Center at Sea World, San Diego and The Center for Biological Studies in La Paz, Mexico. This new jewelry application enables designs to be realized in pearl form through natural pearl production, turning a recognized image or brand into a unique, genuine cultured pearl. Imagine Mickey Mouse, Elvis, the Playboy Bunny, or the Nike "Swoosh" in pearl form. This unique jewelry will form the basis of an entirely new market for logos, brands, and images that are realized as cultured pearls. This technology will give custom jewelry designers the ability to create unique designs that will enhance their creative one of a kind custom pieces.

We currently have a catalog of over 400 Icon Pearl designs and will be distributing the first Icon Pearls here today! Our culturing process allows us to harvest these gems in 4 months, compared to the 18 months for most other pearls. Our commercial Icon Pearl production will assure jewelry manufactures a constant and reliable source of this amazing gem.




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